Sink Repair & Installation Services in Marietta, Duluth & Alpharetta, Georgia

Sink Repair & Installation

We are sink repair experts that can solve any sink problems you may have. Whether you need to clear sink clogs, repair drain lines, or install new sinks in any area of your home, we provide quick, professional sink repair and installation services throughout Metro Atlanta.

Save money with sink maintenance

The sinks in your home are under constant duress and can wear down due to everyday usage. The inner workings of the sink, like gaskets and cartridges, are susceptible to water condition and water pressure, and eventually stop working efficiently. If your sink is leaking or provides a poor water flow, make sure to call a sink repair expert before the small problem turns into a larger, more expensive issue.

Sink Maintenance

RooterPLUS serves all of metro Atlanta and services all major brands. Our service vehicles are stocked with parts so that we can handle any sink repair that we may run across. We also have a fully stocked and staffed warehouse with plumbing parts to get exactly what we need for any odd parts that we may not keep on the vehicles.

If you’re in need of sink repair or installation services, contact RooterPLUS.  Call us at 770-888-1931. We will be at your residence in 60 minutes to assess your needs.